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$ 85~

Per clip / VAT excluded

  • 2K

    $ 85

  • 4K ~ 6K

    $ 165

License Coverage

  • Perpetual without an expiry date
  • Any website
  • Digital web template for less than 500,000 users
  • Print (Book, Magazine, Poster, Catalogue, etc.) for less than 500,000 users
  • Offline ads (Signage, Store, Exhibition, etc.) for less than 500,000 users


$ 245~

Per clip / VAT excluded

  • 2K

    $ 245

  • 4K ~ 6K

    $ 395

  • 7K ~ 8K

    $ 1,449

  • 9K+

    Request Quote

License Coverage

  • Perpetual without an expiry date
  • Any website
  • Any digital web template
  • Any broadcast (TV ad, Cable TV, Movie, OTT, etc.)
  • Any print (Book, Magazine, Poster, Catalogue, etc.)
  • Any offline ads (Signage, Store, Exhibition, etc.)
  • Any commercial product


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Custom Solution

  • Agency support for video purchase worldwide

  • Professional curators’ video search support

  • Special discounts for bulk purchase


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Downloading purchased items are available within 7 days from the purchase date in My Page > Downloads. After that, the download button will be changed to the 'Download Request' button. You can download purchased items without any additional cost or time limit when you click the 'Download Request' button.
You may use a bank transfer or pay by credit card to purchase items. For a bank transfer, the payment must arrive within 7 days from the purchase date.
Editorial content, in general, can be used for non-commercial usages only (news, magazine articles, documentary films, etc.). If you wish to use editorial content for commercial usage, you must purchase an appropriate license separately. Please contact with providing the information below. - Name / Phone Number / Company Name - KEYCUT ID(Content ID) - Brief explanation of where and how you plan to use this content
Basic License is suitable for customers seeking practical use of content with reasonable pricing. Extended License covers broader uses (broadcast, movies, commercial products, webpage/print templates).